With over a decade of experience in the Florida tourist gift shop industry we found ourselves looking for a way to be different. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the plethora of t-shirt and nick-knack shops that line the beaches of Florida. We wanted to stand out and offer our customers a unique shopping experience that would appeal to them as a tourist, or a local. We wanted someone who had been in our shop to go home and tell their friends about us, about a wonderful little shop they found that had ______.
But what goes in the blank? What could we offer that made sense in our setting that no one else did?

After a vacation to the Bahamas, Tom (aka Dad, he’s the boss), came back with a 6 pack of the local spirits produced on the islands. Local rums that weren’t your ordinary pirate stomach acid. These rums where sweet, tropical and fruity, a traditional product with a twist of the Bahamas. Not long after this trip there was an article in our local paper about a Florida winery that made wines with mangos, key limes, and more. Like the rums from the Bahamas these wines were a traditional product with a twist, but this time the twist had a bit of Florida in it. Even before a trip to the winery the idea was there in the back of Dads head, and after a visit it was sealed. Dad took a corner of his t-shirt shop and converted it into the John’s Pass Winery. Specializing in the local Florida wine, many Florida foods, and a mix of wine related gifts.

Over the next year the winery section of the store started expanding piece by piece. Each time a section of traditional tourist trap merchandise disappeared from the store until only Wine and sandals were left. Dad was never one to waste, so for several more months Johns Pass Winery was known as the Sandal Store with wine until every single piece of tropical weather footwear was sold.

Fast forward to today and we have expanded our selection of wines to include wines from the 7 best wineries in Florida, that’s over 60 wines, which account for over 700 awards and medals. We have added walk in Humidors to all of our locations with the best selection of premium hand rolled smokes. Our gourmet foods range from the sweetest coconut candies to the hottest hot sauce. With everything from salsas and dressings, to spices and marinades, most of which are all made in Florida, you can find a way to spice up any meal. Of course you can’t have wine without a way to open it, display it, or drink it. We also carry all the wine accessories you could ever need or want.